Circuit Breakers

When a defect or overload develops in an electrical circuit, circuit breakers are electrical safety devices built to instantly stop the flow of electrical power. To avoid electrical fires, equipment damage, and personal danger, they are utilised in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.They operate by sensing an overcurrent, which happens when the circuit's current exceeds the breaker's rated current. The breaker opens its connections as a result, halting the electrical current and stopping the flow of electricity.Depending on the exact use, there are several types and sizes of circuit breakers. These can perform various tasks, such as ground fault prevention or arc fault protection, in addition to safeguarding against overcurrent. They need to be maintained and tested to maintain their dependability and safety. 

Technoelectric Circuit Breaker

  • Rated Voltage:1200 Volt (V)
  • Rated Frequency:50 Hertz (HZ)
  • Poles Number:3
  • Rated Current:630 Ampere (amp)
Price: 36000 INR/Unit

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